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We love our tenants

We want peace and happiness and for our tenants to live in harmony in their new home. We are here to smooth the way from the start with the viewing process, to living in the property and all the way through to check-out.

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Know a landlord? Introduce us to a new Landlord and we will reward you with £50 of M&S vouchers.

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Moving you into a quality home

We offer quality homes and can offer you peace of mind that they are safe, legal and well maintained. We’ve also chosen to have regular visits which protects the tenant as much as the landlord, making sure the property stays just so. In fact, many of the homes we rent out are the Landlord’s previous homes in which they have lived themselves and looked after the property.

Securing the property so you don’t miss out

You’ve viewed and visited bundles of properties and now have your heart set on a place to live. How can you start the wheels moving?

The best way to securing your dream property through us, is to start the referencing process – these are basic checks on who you are and if the finance adds up.

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How does referencing work?

This will be a smooth process. You’ll be asked to fill in an online application form and it is very important that the information you give is accurate and, most importantly, verifiable.

There are times when we will require a guarantor. Guarantors are asked to have similar checks as yourself to progress your application as swiftly as possible. They will be expected to pay the rent if you are not able to for any reason.

Reporting property issues

We have a great system that helps sort out the simple solutions and logs any issues and fixes online 24/7.

  • Work long hours and always get too tied up in the day to call the property service team?
  • The system walks you through the problem and you can upload images too.
  • You’ll also receive a copy via email of the reported issue.