Don’t Lose Out Over a Lack of Communication

02 September 2022

A recent survey found that over 50% of tenants found it difficult to get in contact with their landlords or letting agents, but what is the impact of a lack of communication?

New and imposed regulations have been seen as a minor minefield for landlords to work their way through, but the responsibilities of landlords do not end there. We know that landlords are the main port of call when something goes wrong in a property, and a recent poll from answerconnect has uncovered some worrying statistics.

Tenants found that the biggest stress they have when renting, is through the lack of communication. A huge 29% of tenants revealed that they do not hear back from their landlords or letting agents, and a further 20% found that they would have to repeat details to solve an issue.

Right now, being a landlord can seem like a heavy responsibility, but Wards are here to help.

We can offer you some of the best advice in the industry from the experts, along with our fully-managed service where we can complete annual checks on your property to reduce potential damage and issues.

At Wards, we also offer our completely free, 24/7 accessible online Tenant and Landlord Hub. Our Hubs hold important documents for both landlords and tenants, as well as a great way to track the communication between all parties.

Every day, we are improving our service to offer the best to ensure a good experience for everyone. Why not get in touch with one of our experts in lettings and talk about how we can help you improve your experience as a landlord or a tenant.