Haunted Homes! Avoid Creepy-Crawlies in your Foundations!

24 October 2022

As the autumn nights roll in, many of us have been having issues with some unwanted visitors inside! From house spiders to something a little more sinister, we’ve got some great tips to keep the creepy crawlies at bay.

House spiders are the most common visitor to households in the autumn months, with many of us fighting back by trapping them between cups and paper, but how can you avoid them even getting into your home?

It’s been found that spiders HATE citrus! Yep, that’s right, lemon peel and other zesty smells can be your solution to keeping those 8-legged friends out of your home.

Not a fan of citrus yourself? What about investing in essential oils like peppermint or cedar wood? Both give off a natural strong smell that deters spiders and gives your home a hint of Christmas cheer leading up to the holidays!

Though we can’t catch spiders for you, we can give you some advice to help with more serious creepy crawlies that find themselves in your home.

Many homeowners already know the effects that woodworm can have on a property, but what should you do if you are faced with the timber-decaying issue?

After you’ve spotted signs of woodworm, it would be best to contact a professional to confirm your suspicions. The three main signs you can spot are round or oval holes in timber, wood dust or damaged or weak timber. All of these are caused by the mother beetle burrowing into the wood to lay her eggs.

So, how do you get rid of woodworm? Luckily, it’s a relatively easy fix. We can recommend a specialist firm to carry out a full report and quote for two different types of woodworm treatments:

1)      Fogging: This is where a treatment agent is placed under the floorboards, allowing fog to penetrate the timber from beneath to get rid of those pesky beetles.

2)      Fumigation: This is where the woodworm situation is increasingly severe. Your home will be completely fumigated, and you will need to vacate your home to allow the fumigation process.

So, if you do come face to face with a woodworm horror this Halloween, make sure to get in touch with your local Wards to find out just how we can help!