The Countdown to CO and Smoke Alarms is on!

27 August 2022

2022 has seen a huge influx of new regulations and legislations that have placed pressure on landlords when preparing their lets, but how can you avoid a potential disaster?

Landlords are no stranger to new and reinstated regulations. This year alone we're seeing the reintroduction of Right to Rent specifications and the Rental Reform White Paper to ensure ‘strengthening the rights of tenants’ as mentioned by Prince Charles in the State Opening of Parliament.

New guidelines to the carbon monoxide and smoke regulations have now been set in stone, with landlords needing to prepare their properties with working and valid smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to protect their tenants.

From October 1st, landlords must comply with new smoke and carbon monoxide regulations, or they will face financial penalties.

There is no transitional period after October 1st, and landlords that fail to comply are set to face hefty fines. You can find everything you need to know about the upcoming CO and smoke alarm regulations here. 

The British Approvals for Fire Equipment data for 2020-2021[1] reported that, in England, over 25% of smoke alarms failed to operate or were simply not present in properties.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is known as the silent killer, with an estimated 30 people dying and 4,000 people becoming hospitalised every year in the UK, though Energy-UK[2] suggests that true numbers may be higher due to the symptoms being mistaken for cold or flu.

At Wards, the safety of our tenants and landlords is our highest priority, so we stress the importance of installing carbon monoxide and smoke alarms to protect you and your tenants.

Head of Propertymark, Timothy Douglas, suggests that letting agents and landlords should start preparations now to ensure they don’t find themselves at financial risk when the new legislation hits.

Wards can help. Offering a fully-managed service, we can help you get ahead of any newly imposed regulations and to protect all parties involved and keep your let legal!