Where Do Landlords Stand on Section 21 Now?

14 October 2022

Short-lived Prime Minister, Liz Truss,  made big promises to the public through her mini-budget, and during her latest Prime Minister's Questions, Truss assured that the abolishment of Section 21 will go ahead.

As a refresher, Section 21 is the act where landlords can evict their tenants with just two months’ notice before their fixed-term contract has come to an end. Though the recent confirmation that moving forward, Section 21 will be abolished, this will put an end to ‘no-fault evictions.’

It’s been said, that to replace Section 21, Section 8 will come into play. Section 8 of the Housing Act 1988 is currently used to help a landlord regain possession of their property, if they have the authority to do so, and can only be served if certain criteria are breached by the tenant.

Though there has been back and forth on whether the act of ‘strengthening the rights of tenants through the launch of the long-awaited Renters’ Reform Bill, the white paper is set to come into play next year in 2024.


How could abolishing Section 21 impact landlords?

Back in 2019, when the Conservative Party first suggested the abolishment of Section 21, many private landlords found themselves at a loss due to the implications of potential stunted rental growth and potential. Though for tenants the abolishment will provide assurance, to private landlords, the removal of section 21 could lead to potential issues between tenants, landlords, and the home.

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