Working with Wards: Our Central Sales Hub

10 September 2022

Carlie has been working with Wards for just over four weeks now, and we sat down with her to find out a little more about what it means to be a member of our team!


Welcome to Wards Carlie, how are you finding it so far?

Im loving it! I feel like Ive learned so much about estate agency already.

Carlie is one of our new Wards sales advisors, working from our Central Sales Hub. At Wards, we offer a wide variety of career opportunities for any new employee to create a path that suits them.


So, Carlie, why did you want to join our team?

Ive always loved the idea of helping people. Carlie begins, Talking to new people every single day and being able to help them with the next step in their journey - that to me just feels like making a difference in people's lives, especially when they find a home they love.

All of our colleagues, no matter what sector they work in, aspire to help others. Helping people move forwards is at the heart of what we do, so its no surprise to us that Carlie has decided to move forward with us in our growing team.


Whats an average day in the life look like for you?

Every day is different because you end up talking to different people but, we usually start our day with a power hour!

Whats a power hour I hear you ask? Power hours run from 9 am til 10 am when every member of the team answers calls and talks to customers for an hour straight.

It sounds intense but it helps us set ourselves up for the day and we can just jump straight in.

When we met with Carlie, it was just after 11 am and she had taken an impressive 27 calls already. The calls include booking viewings, referring our services to customers, booking mortgage appointments, and making enquiries.

We also get to choose when to go on our breaks, which is nice - not many companies allow you to do that.

It means that you get to talk to everyone because youre never really on the same break as someone the day before. But to me, thats good because it means I can talk to another mentor in a more experienced team for guidance.

From there we take incoming and outgoing calls and try and help as many people as we can. We are focused on helping out as much as possible, and its a super-effective way of learning the industry too.

We are all split into teams. It depends on what stage you are at, but you move up through the ranks.

The Central Sales Hub is split into four teams, each with a pod leader, a more experienced agent who guides their team up the ranks and trains them to be the best they can be.

Its quite competitive, but we all like that about it. There are never any hard feelings because even though youre up against each other we all celebrate each others wins.


 Since joining us, how would you say Wards has helped you?

Since joining, not only am I receiving training to become a qualified estate agent, but Im also learning about the industry and how I react in situations. Its good to have such an incentive to come to work to help people and I think anyone that doesnt have that drive is missing out.

Not only do we offer fully qualified training for every new member of staff, but our supportive internal roles provide a space where all our employees can feel confident and learn from experienced agents.

The great thing about starting where I am is that we have the opportunity to move from the Central Sales Hub to being in a branch, local to us, as we are all qualified estate agents!

Though Carlie has only been with us for a short while, she is already advancing in her ability as an estate agent. Our in-house training academy allows new agents to learn on the job, alongside fellow peers with advice and guidance from experienced agents with years of expertise in their field.

In our industry, we know how after settling in, you may want to change or adapt your path. Thats why we train every one of our new recruits so that they can move towards different areas in the sector, such as financial services, support services, residential, lettings services, or even part-time roles.

Are you thinking about beginning your career with us? Why not head over to view our vacancies or follow our Linkedin to keep an eye out for an opportunity to start your career with us.