Your Rental Property May Be Unmortgageable!

12 September 2022

Private Landlords are set to face even more trouble these coming weeks with a warning to nearly 250,000 properties being unmortgageable due to incorrect insulation.

Property surveyors association RPSA have reported that many homes have been found to have sprayed polyurethane (PU) expanding foam to either stabilise a falling roof covering, or provide extra insulation, however, a tightening of insulation criteria has left thousands at risk of being unable to sell their property.

Alan Milstein, Chairman of the RPSA, explained that the risk of these spray foam installations comes from “poor execution” and “without proper consideration of moisture management” which could potentially lead to the risk of damage or failure of structural roof timbers.

Reports online find that insulation spray foam could potentially lead to several health risks, if the correct precautions are not taken by the installer. Currently, with no regulations surrounding the installation of PR spray foam, it has been found that many vulnerable and elderly homeowners were most at risk.

Steve Hodgson, CEO of the Property Care Association, suggests that “The improper use of spray foam insulation can have devastating consequences, or end up costing thousands for little benefit.”

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