How to Spice Up Your Garden This Winter!

20 November 2022

A lot of garden maintenance has to be put on hold during winter, which can be a problem when you're trying to keep your home looking its best. The good news is that the most obvious part of your garden, the lawn, can be worked on during the winter - you just have to be a little more careful about when and how than during the summer.

Research by the Telegraph suggested that a good garden can add up to 20 percent to a home's value. Living in the Garden of England means plants grow quickly but that means more work keeping them tidy.

Here are some of our favourite tips to keep your garden in its best shape over the winter months:

  • Take advantage of gaps in the rain and try to choose a day when it hasn't rained for a while. Don’t be tempted to work too hard on the lawn, as cutting the grass when it's wet can lead to nasty mulch patches.
  • Water on the lawn can be reduced by dragging a hose over the grass. Since the hosepipe ban was introduced last summer, you may need to dust off the cobwebs!
  • Your lawn will probably be covered in more twigs and leaves blown off trees than normal. Try lightly raking your lawn to do a soft tidy.
  • Think about planting some winter flowers. Snowdrops and Black Tulips thrive in the cold, plus they can give your garden that wonderful winter feeling!
  • Take care of the wildlife all year round. In the winter, birds, squirrels, and other little animals find it incredibly difficult to forage, so why not give them a helping hand and get a birdfeeder.

Paying attention to your garden in the winter won’t only make you feel accomplished when the family comes over for Christmas and fawn over your new shrubbery but, in the spring, you’ll be thankful for keeping your garden maintained.

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