Is there an easy way to sell your home?

Selling your home is a big decision – but it needn’t be a stressful one. Whether you’ve only just put your home on the market or you’re well into the process, your to-do list could seem insurmountable. From staging your home for viewings to packing up lofts and garages, ready for ‘The Big Move’, who said selling your home was simple?

The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. With a little help, you’ll find there is an easy way to sell your home – one that doesn’t result in sleepless nights or force you to accept that cheeky offer, well below your asking price.

Easy Way Sell 1

Follow our easy home-selling tips and you’ll make it to your completion date in no time.

1. Rely on your estate agent

Above all else, your estate agent is there to help – so use them. Any estate agent worth their salt will be ensuring that you have a steady stream of prospective buyers through your front door but this isn’t their only role. Estate agents are there to project manage the sale of your home. They’ll manage everything, from finding you a buyer to helping to ensure that your sale doesn’t fall through.

What does an estate agent do

If you ever have any concerns or questions while selling your home, don’t suffer in silence. Make things easy on yourself and give your agent a call. If there’s anything which would make your life easier – from showing around buyers so you don’t have to miss work to letting your cats out before a viewing – let them know. If they’re anything like our team, they’d be only too happy to help.

2. Don’t veer too far from your valuation

Although it’s ultimately your decision what you want to market your home for, try not to wander too far from your valuation. Your estate agent is not there to over or under-value your home – it’s not in their best interest to do either.

You’ll find it’s a much longer and harder road if you put your home on the market for more than it’s currently worth. Prospective buyers are just a few clicks away from finding out what you originally paid for your home and what neighbouring properties have sold for. Trust us, you’ll sell a lot quicker if you settle for an asking price that’s reasonable.

3. Don’t buy before you sell

It’s tempting, we know, but try not to hunt for your new home before you’ve sold your current one. Remember, in all likelihood, selling will take longer than finding.

Find your new home too soon and you’ll risk losing it because you’ve yet to find a buyer. You may also have to accept a lower offer for a quick sale in order to keep hold of your new property.

Believe us, it’ll be easier and more cost-effective in the long-run if you focus on selling your current home first. By all means, look at areas where you’d like to live but steer clear of finding your dream home until absolutely necessary.

4. Arrange an open house

What if there was a way to arrange all of your viewings on the same day? With an open house you can.

What is an open house?

Our customers frequently tell us that one of the hardest things about selling is the constant tidying up that’s needed for each and every viewing. Well, with an open house you’ll only have to tidy up once, then sit back and wait for your perfect buyer to put in an offer.

At Wards, we’ll always try to arrange an open house event for you. It’s just one of the many things we’ll do to make selling your home just that little bit easier.

Get in touch to find out what else we’ll do to help sell your home,