How to sell your house quickly?

When you make the decision to sell your home, timing is everything. If you dawdle, chances are it may take longer than you’d hoped to complete your sale.

If you already have everything in place, chances are you’re looking to find out how to sell a house quickly. Luckily, Wards are experts at how to sell property quickly – after all, we’ve been doing it for many years. Follow these top tips and you’ll have your home sold in no time.

How To Sell Quickly

1. Keep clutter at bay

Putting your home on the market is a great excuse for a clear out. Keep personal items such as ornaments and photo frames to a minimum. Buyers like to picture their own belongings in-place during a viewing and too many of your personal items can detract from this.

2. Make inexpensive, cosmetic changes

Marked walls or tatty floors could create unnecessary roadblocks to a buyer’s decision to put in an offer. A fresh coat of paint or a new lino is likely to cost under £100 but could add thousands to the sale price you achieve.

3. Update your garden

A beautiful and cared-for garden can add as much as 20% to the market value of your home – that’s as much as £60k judging by current market conditions. So, it’s clear that you should do all that you can to boost the overall appeal of your outdoor space. If you’re not especially green-fingered, choose some hardy perennials which will add verdant lustre to your garden all year round. Ready-made pots can also add a welcome burst of colour.

Bonus tip:

While you’re out shopping for plants, don’t forget to add a few house plants to the mix. Indoor plants can instantly transform a house into a home – an aesthetic which your viewers are bound to notice.

4. Boost your kerb appeal

First impressions count. If your building’s exterior is looking worn, give it a lick of paint. If that’s not possible, you’ll be amazed at the difference hanging baskets and a few planters can make.

5. Give each room a purpose

If you have a dining room, make sure that you stage it as a dining room. Take out any exercise equipment or clutter that can detract from the purpose of a room. Buyers respond to simplicity.

Similarly, if you have any empty bedrooms, styling them with a bed in situ (preferably a double) will help alleviate any doubts a prospective buyer may have about the room's potential.

6. Be organised

An organised seller is a desirable seller – your buyers (and their solicitors) will thank you for it. Keep a file with all of the relevant planning permissions, EPC certificates, Fensa certificates etc which apply to your home. If you suspect these might be lost, make sorting out a replacement copy one of the first things you do.

These documents will be required before you know it, so it's always best to have them ready to minimise potential delays.

7. Listen to viewer feedback

This is essential to help you make the changes needed to attract potential buyers. With Wards, you’ll receive a full summary of your viewers’ feedback, all accessible, at your leisure, through your own online portal.

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