are you serious
about moving house?
so are we.

What if there was an easy way to find your perfect home which also helped put you in the best position to buy it?

Together, we can get you there.

VIP Homefinders is a completely free service designed to help serious buyers like you to find your perfect home and give you the tools you need to acquire it.

As soon as we hear of a property we think you might like, we’ll send you the listing – even before it appears online. But that’s not all. We’ll actively reach out to the market, contacting suitable properties on your favourite streets with the aim of unearthing potential sellers.

With VIP Homefinders, you’ll also receive help with securing a mortgage and opening a file with a conveyancer – two things which will put you in a strong negotiating position when you make an offer on a house.


  • Give you first refusal on new properties
  • Unearth new properties in your favourite streets
  • Contact potential properties on your behalf


  • Organise your finances
  • Mortgage Agreement in Principal arranged
  • Open a file with a conveyancer


If you're still not signed up as a VIP, or want to talk to us in person, get in touch with your local branch and we'll be happy to help.

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